What color is this dress? Back&Blue or Gold&White ?

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This video is about a special photo with a dress. The photo with that dress became very viral in the past month on the social media networks. The photo contains a dress that have two colours: black and blue. But the strange thing is that half of people that are watching the photo say that they are seeing a dress that is colored in gold and white. The dress become so viral that popstars said also what color they saw. For example Justin Bieber said that the dress was blue and black, but in the same time other popstars said that they see the dress colored in gold and white. There is also a scientific explanations. Some experts say that this photo was made in a pefect moment. And the light from that shop was a bit strange. Our brain has two ways to interpret this photo and he only can pick just one of them. After the brain choose he will always see the photo that way. And half of people that was watching the photo with the dress saw gold and white. This is very interesting thing to learn about our brains.


She was caught

This video is about a girl that got drunk after a party. He was invited on a party by her friends to celebrate the birthday of a friend. The sad part of this story is that she drink a lot of alcohol and after two a.m. in the morning she fainted. And her friends instead call 911 and save her. They were also very drunk and made fun of her situation. They draw some cartoons on her body and made fun.

They laugh all night and didn’t think to call an ambulance for the poor girl. She was lucky not to have any health problem and after 6 hours she woke up and realised she was unconscious for few hours because she drink so much alcohol. The night could end in a very bad way but she was lucky. I think the teenagers these days are very irresponsible and they drink so much alcohol. The parents are guilty also because they allow their children to drink from such a young age. Alcohol is a very important problem of teenagers these days and nobody take measures about this problem. I suppose in the future this problem will be solved by some strict laws.

SHOCKING: Mermaid found on a beach in California

This video is about a strange event that took place in a beach located on west coast of United States of America. In a beautiful shinny day some teenagers that were walking around the beach stumbled upon a body that looked similar to a mermaid. The mermaids are mythical creatures found in old fairytales. There are many conspiracy theories that said the mermaids are real and live in the seafloor of all the oceans. But until that day nobody saw a mermaid so close. That teenagers were shocked about what they have just discovered. The body was half women half fish. It has no legs just a tail that looks simiar with a fish. The mermaid looked dead but when they aproach they saw that the mermaid was moving it’s body. She was still alive. When they tried to touch the mermaid, she started to make a horrible sound and punch that guy. After that , the teenagers started to run for their lives. After a while they stopped running and when they look behind they realised that the mermaid dissappeared. The only prove was a photo that was taken by one of them before they start running.

This is the WORST ACCIDENT in human history

This video is about a horrific accident that took place on an american freeway. This accident reminds me of the Final Destination movie. In that movie a similar accident took place. A truck was loaded with logs, lost control and crash on the freeway. And the car that was behind the truck was hit by a giant log. The log went through windshield and near killed the driver. But the driver escaped without a scratch. This was his lucky day. He survived from a very dangerous situation. After paramedics arrived to the area were the car was, they were shocked. They thought that the driver was killed. But after a while they uderstand that the driver was alive and they were amazed. I think the drivers should pay more attention to the logs and how they secure. I am saying this because if they will pay more attention they could avoid this kind of accident to happen. I never saw a video like this. In my opinion this is the most scary video with an accident that I have ever saw in my whole life. This video scared me. I had nightmares with this accident many days after I watched the video.

This is the best fitness session i have ever seen

This video is about the best fitness session in the world. I never saw something similar in my whole life. This girl is amazing. Her body is one of the most amazing bodies in the world. She is a fitness champion. He started to record herself and upload videos on the interet. After that she become very well known on social media networks. She gathered a lot of fans in a few days. And those fans asked her to record more videos of her fitness trainings. He uploaded more and more videos and now he is like a fitness star well knows all over the world. Many girls were impressed of her body and started to train and do fitness trainings. This is a good thing because these days all teenagers say in front of pc and don’t make sport. And with these videos they were motivted and go to gym to make fitness trainings. Fitness is a very healthy way to train your body and look more attractive. But fitness in not just for girls , boys also could start training. They will be healthyer and look better. I think after I watched this video I will start a fitness training.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Huge boulders destroy buildings

This video is about a spectacular landslide that took place in a small city located in Italy. The video went viral very quick on internet and toured worldwide in a few days. A guy was testing his new drone in that day near the area where the landslide took place. He was lucky to record a video with the landslide while it happens. The landslide has moved a huge boulder wich started to slide on that hill and demolished a house that was in his way. Fortunately it seems that no one was hurt in the incident. The people that lived in that house was very lucky that day because they were in vacation in other country. They saw at news what happened with their house. I consider that this family is the luckiest family in Italy. They could have been seriously injured if they were home in that day. After this incident, the family decided to move in another city without hills and the danger of a landslide. I think they made a very wise decision to move from that area into a safer area without the danger of a landslide. Feel free to post your opinion in the section below. What do u think?

SHOCKING VIDEO: She was bitten from FACE by her dog

This video is about a very smart dog that went crazy on a dog competition and bite his owner. This is a well trained dog that won many dog competitions. It is like a champion. But in a beaufitul summer day the poor owner of this dog was bitten by this dog. Nobody knows why the dog made that creepy gesture. The owner needed medical care after she was bitten, but she was safe. She said that her dog was distracted by something in the crowd and he was confused. It’s not his fault she said. But it think this could represent a danger in the future. I thunk this dog in crazy and nobody should aproach him in the future. What if the dog will be confused in the future and bite a child or do something like this. I believe that this dog should be kept on a leash. It would also be advisable to wear a muzzle. And I think this dog sould be banned from every dog competition in the world because he represt a big danger to everyone. What is your opinion about this situation?

VERY TOUCHING VIDEO: Firefighter saves a cat

This video is about a very lucky cat. The cat was stucked under a bed in an apartment that was located in a building that started to burn. Early that day the firefighters received a phone call from a guy that said the building where was staying started to burn. He was very scared and said that he is in the second floor of the building. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they started to save people trapped in the building. After they saved all people one of the firefighters said that he heard a cat screaming. The cat seems to be inside the building. He ran into the building and started to look for the cat. After a while he found the cat. He managed to exit the building who was still on fire but he realised that the cat is unconscious. He started the cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers on the poor cat. And in the end the cat woke up and everybody was happy. This could be the luckiest cat alive. The chances for that cat to live were poor that day but with the help of the good firefighter the cat survived. I think the cat remains with eight lives.

Large ship SINK in Bermuda Triangle 2015

This video is about a ship that sunk in the ocean. That ship had hundreads of meters long nad tens of meters wide. This is very strange video. The ship was crossing Bermuda Triangle and suddenly started to sink. Simillar things happened in history in the same area. Bermuda Triangle is well known for strange events that took place there. Plane dissappeared in that area and never appeared, ships sunk in that area and never found. This is a paranormal area and nobody knows what is happening in Bermuda Triangle. I heard that in the seafloor of the ocean in Bermuda Triangle is an extraterestrial secret base. And ufo are all over the Bermuda Triangle. This could be a reason for that strange events with ships and plane disappearances. This video is caught on tape by a yacht that was in the area where ship started to sink. They record all that happened. The ship was surrounded by some clouds and after a while started to sink. I think that was some kind of energy. Maybe this is related to the secret extraterestrial base located on the seafloor in that area. But we can’t be sure because this is a conspiracy with ufos and aliens.

SHOCKING VIDEO: People are running for their lives

This interesting video is about a bull that chase people on the streets of Madrid. In Spain there are 2 cities that have a tradition. In the end of summer in Madrid and Pamplona there is a party. This party lasts a week. In this week people don’t work, just have fun. And every morning they have a bull race. They release many bulls on the street to chase people. The route is few kilometers long and people start running to the arena. The sad part is that many people are injured every year. There was also people that died in this party. I mean people were killed by bulls. I think this is the worst part could happen on this party. In this video you will see a very powerfull bull that chase people. He broke the safety fence and started to chase people on the streets. He chase horrified people into a swimming pool. People started to jump in the swimming pool thinking that they will be safe in water, but that smart bull jumped into water and started to swim. It was reported that nobody was injured in that day. It’s hard to belive this but it’s true.

This is the worst tsunami ever seen on LIVE TV

This video is supposed to be recorded on a tsunami that hit Japan. I think tsunami are the most dangerous events could happen in the world. And I am saying this because the force of the tsunami is incredible. Tsunami take down buildings, cars, humans, they take down everything. You have small chances to stay alive in a situation like this. Only lucky people survive this kind of disaster. I can not imagine how it feels like when you are witness of a cataclysm like this. People that were witness of of tsunami in the coast of Japan were terrified. They knew that they didn’t have many chances to survive. They saw friends, relatives that were drifted away by the incredible force of the tsunami. In recent history we saw another tsunami. I am talking about that tsunami who hit the coast of Indonesia. In that horrible day many people passed away. And after that two major events, I suppose that authorities leand the lesson and improved the security of the people that live in coast area. I mean the authorities made a sistem that alert people before the tsunami wave arrive so that they have time to evacuate the area.

Esta é a mais bela dança na história

This video is about a girl and a boy dancing. This dance is called kizomba. Kizomba dance appeared in 2010. From that year kizomba dance exploded into milion of fans. They all like very much to dance kizomba. It is the best dance you have ever saw. I was amazed of this dance. The dance moves are beautiful. When you dance kizomba is like when you dream you are in a fairytale with kings and princess. Those two are very talented and they dance very well kizomba. This thing become a world wide movement. This ahs a lot of fans especially teenagers fans. All young people love to dance this well knows dance named kizomba. What is your opinion about this kind of dance? Do you agree with me ? In my opinion this is the most interesting dance in the world. In the future, do u plan to learn kizomba ? I thought about this and I decided that I will enroll in a kizomba course to learn this dance. I don’t think that is hard to learn, because if you like this so much you will learn very quick that dance moves. Please feel free to post your comment.

LOL: What do u think this guy is doing?

This video is about a stupid guy that bought a new toy. He bought online a drone. After the drone arrived he unpacked and went outside to try his new toy. He started to fly his new drone higher and higher. But he don’t read the instructions located in the package. If he had read the instructions he would have seen that the drone has a maximum altitude. And if you try to overcome that maximum altitude you will see that your precious drone will start to crash. This is what happed to this poor guy. In the moment when he saw the drone started to crash he started to run trying to cath his toy. But the problem was that the drone was above a small lake located near his house. And it was in the winter when the water was freezing. He jumped into that lake and started to run to the area he thought the drone will fall. After he run through water for ten meters he succeded to catch the drone. He was lucky to catch his drone before falling apart in pieces. But he got sick from that cold water where he jumped.

SHOCKIG VIDEO: Lion attacks two kids

This video from above is very scary. It is about some families that encountered few wild beasts.  I am talking about lions. This is a very dangerous situation for that families and I am saying this because in that moment the kids were in the car. In a moment of inattention, the kids opened the window of the car. The lions were peacefully for several minutes, but suddenly one of the lions tried to attack children in car. Animals from that area are used to people inside car, but the second you step outside your car, the animals feels threatened. Fortunately, those kids closed the car window on time and nobody was injured. From this story you can learn how to behave when you bump into wild animals. You need to stay inside the car and don’t try to make silly gestures like feeding the wild animals. I am curious how you will react in a situation like this described above. Please feel free to write your opinion in comment section located in bottom of the article.
Please share this video to create awareness and to prevent any attacks from happening in the future.

SHOCKING: Girl with 25 years old zit

This video from above is about a women that have a horrible health problem. She has a 25 years old zit on her back. I have never seen something like that in my whole life. And I saw many strange things in my life. This video amazed me. I was shocked after I watched this video. How can somebody live with such a terrible problem for 25 years is a mistery for me. All started 25 years ago when this women found a zit on her skin located on her back. She didn’t pay any attention about this problem and she forgot about this zit. Only after 25 years she started to feel some pain in her back and tell a friend to look on her back. When her friend look on her back she was shocked. A very big zit grow on her back in theese 25 years. And now instead thinking to go to a local hospital she decided to try to remove this zit by herself. This is another crazy way to get rid of an old zit. I am saying this because you can get many complications if you try to do this by yourself at home.

SHOCKING: He has filmed his own death on WTC

This is the most viewed video in the whole world. You need to see this video from above because you will be amazed. The video is about a man that filmed his own death in 11th september in United States of America. This guy was traveling through United States of America to see best places in this country. And in that day he was visiting World Trade Center towers. He was on the rooftop of one of the twin towers with his videocamera turned on. He wanted to record himself that day, while he was on the top of the highest building in the United States. But suddenly something tragic happened. A plane was hijacked by some terrorists. They took control of the plane after they got rid of the pilots, and drive straight to the twin tower that this guy was staying. He caught on tape the exact moment when the plane was approaching the tower, this means that he caught on tape the last moments of his life. The legend says that the videocamera was found by a firefighter on the ground few weeks after 9/11 when they tried to find dead people. This video is worth watching.


This video from above is about a man that shoot himself at Britain’s Got Talent show. The strange event took place at famous tv show in Great Britain. This video was at all televisions in the world. All people that saw this video were shocked. This video made millions of views on internet in the first day when was published. That guy had a lame prestation on stage and all 3 judges pressed the “X” button. This means that they want this creepy guy out of the stage because he didn’t have any talent. He started to run backstage, in the same time he was crying like a girl. All people starter to make fun of him. But suddenly a gunshot was heared. And all people panicked. All people was thinking that this guy shoot himself backstage. But if you don’t know, this video is supposed to be a hoax. A smart guy make this fake video. If you look closely you will see that Amanda is wearing two dresses in this video. It is impossible to wear two different dresses in the same tv show. This is the best argument to prove that this video is a hoax.